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LED Cocktail Light
Sep 8, 2013
Variable color temperature LED light for photography.
LED Lantern
Jun 11, 2013
An experimental project to build a SPMS based LED lantern with a tiny microcontroller.
Lighting LED Ballast and Light Head
Apr 10, 2013
LED lamp is the latest device for generic lighting. This article describes to design and build LED ballast and lamp head.
Japanesque Ceiling Light
Jan 1, 2005
This is a Japanesque ceiling light without any electronics. Everybody will able to build easy even if they have no electronic skill.
White LED Head Lamp
Sep 3, 2002
A white LED head lamp which can operate with only two AA batteries. The LEDs are driven in constant current, so that the brightness is maintained until end of battery life.
Pocket LED Light
Nov 23, 1999
An LED pocket light operates with only one cell of battery.
CD Strobe Scope [ja]
Jul 25, 1999
This is a strobe scope. The disc is rotating but it looks still.
Using Xenon Flash Tube [ja]
Apr 3, 1999
An experiment of the xenon flash tube.

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