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Audio processing and related to listen.

Simple Sound Generator
Dec 15, 2013
A simple 225-voice PCM sound generator. It is a sound module controlled with some contacts, suitable for gadjets, toys and etc...
Audio Player with an 8-pin IC
Oct 2, 2012
Building an SD audio player with only an 8-pin microcontroller. It is very simple circuit and suitable for brief electronic handiwork before breakfast.
Portable PCM player
Mar 1, 2010
This is a portable audio player for only PCM format audio files.
Renewal of MP3 Player Kit[ja]
Nov 23, 2009
Renewal of the MP3 player kit described below.
Motion Controlled MP3 Player
Jan 19, 2008
This is the third MP3 player project in succession. It has an acceleration sensor instead of mechanical switchs and dials, and is commanded in defined motions.
Graphic MP3 Player
Oct 18, 2007
This is the second MP3 player project after 8 years. The graphic MP3 player has a large color LCD monitr and a touch screen.
Wavetable Melody Generator
Jan 17, 2006
A melody generator with only a 8-pin microcontroller. It can generate a real sound of the music box by wavetable synthesizer.
Audio Spectrum Monitor
May 29, 2005
A digital audio signal processing experiment of real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis.
Cheap DSP Experiments
Apr 13, 2004
Digital signal processing experiments with only a cheap 8bit microcontroller. This project experiments on Delay, Echo, Pitch Conversion, Filter and etc.
MP3 Player
Jan 17, 2001
This document was published on "Transister Gijutsu, April, 2000"
This is a poket-sized MP3 player. It has attracting attention as new kind of the portable audio. I built it let's build a thing in fashion like that.
Tips on the MP3 Player Kit
Jan 7, 2001
The kit version of the MP3 player has been released. This document is tips for building the MP3 player kit and modification hints.
Simple Surround Processor
Aug 10, 1999
Simple Surround Processor. This is built with only conventional parts, and digital delay block, too. So it is very easy to build.
Audio Amplifire for PC [ja]
Sep 15, 1997
This is an audio amplifire that it has Multiinputs for Multimedia use :-)

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