Multiple Boot Manager

Menu Screen

This page is for Multiple Boot Manager (MBM). The boot manager is a low-level system control program to select/boot one of the installed OSs. MBM is a boot management program and distributed as an Open Source Software (GNU GPL). MBM has following features.

Boot Manager

Partition Table Editor

Graphic Menu

Download latest version (MBM R0.39)

Supported OSs

Following list shows that which OS can be booted by MBM. Please refer to documents about limits on each OS. To install the boot manager, there are two different installers, DOS based program and diskette image program. The boot manager works completely independent of any partition or OSs.

Menu builders

MBM supports graphical menu in addition of text based menu. The specs on the menu code is opened so that you will able to create your own original menu. The extend menu builders are also available. When you don't have the skills on embedded programming, you can also build your own menu with the menu builders. The menus created with the menu builders are also supports a mouse.

Sample Menu

Menu Builder

Screen SizeColor Depth
320x200 N/A
Menu Checker
(*1) Video BIOS must support VESA VBE.
(*2) Video BIOS must support VESA VBE 1.2 or later.

The menu builders are separated by color depth and resolution. Please choose a screen size you want best. The 256 color menus require a 256 color bitmap file for the menu image, and the 64K color menus also require a 24bit color bitmap file.

The documents contained in each archive are in Japanese. If you cannot read it, please refer to quick instruction and Parameters.


MBM is a very dangerous program due to its use. Especially, any operation error on the partition table editor, as a result, all data on the hard disk will be lost!

Therefore, when you have no knowledge about the partition management on the hard disk, I don't recommend you to use MBM. I disclaim all responsibility to the result on using the MBM.

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